Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chicken movies

I have made a new blogger friend over at On the way to Critter Farm. And so has my son.

She, along with many other people are getting their orders of little chicks. I am so jealous. I want some chickens. Anyway, since this isnt all about me(or is it?), she has been posting some really cute videos of her chicken endeavors. Like when she got her chicks, the chicks in their new home, the chicks not being nice to each other, the chicks getting in trouble, the chicks on time out.... It has been very fun to watch and follow along while she has this new experience.

My 2 yr old son has been involved every step of the way in regards to the chicken movies. He has to watch them all. ALL DAY LONG. Every minute he is asking to watch the chicken movies. Okay, I know. You think I am kidding. NO, he asks all day. If you know him then you know he is quite capable of this. If G is anything, he is persistent. To the point of literally driving me bonkers.

So, to our sweet surprise,the most recent chicken movie was dedicated to G. He was totally elated when he was made aware of this. Simply by clicking on her video button he gets to hear his name. This was the icing on the cake for him. His name being said on the computer for him to hear(over and over)...AND another chicken movie on top of that? The boy is in heaven. HEAVEN. The best part of this movie for him was for sure the drinking of the water. He loves watching the chicks drinking the water. He loves the Top Hat chicks. I am not really sure that is their true name....but he likes them because he says that they have a ball on the top of their head. Really, it does kinda look like that.

So here he is in all his glory(and having every single toy out of the toy box), along with his acceptance speech for the chicken movie that was made just for him.


Meg said...


G, those chicks are funny to watch, aren't they? It's pretty neat that Danni made a chicken movie for you! And I think your thank you movie to Danni was very nice as well!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh my gosh - he said my name PERFECTLY!! heart is just melting! You are very welcome, G. Very welcome. peep peep peep

frugalmom said...

Farmgirl_dk: I am so serious when I say that the boy wont stop talking about the chicken movie. He has never been so into something, okay, besides when its time to eat! I can see this being a daily ritual for us. Just make sure you keep the movies coming so that we can keep on pretending that they are our chickens as well!

meg: He does think it is the best thing ever. It is so funny to watch him watch the movies. He just sits there(which is unusual in itself) and watches so intently.

NW Nature Nut said...

I found you through farmgirl_dk. That is so cute that your son loves the movies. I enjoyed his video too. You'll have to figure out how to get chicks sometime, or at least visit a farmstore soon...while they have them in stock.

boogiemum said...

He is so adorable! I can't see how anyone could deny him more chicken movies with that sweetness asking :)

Anonymous said...

I cannot watch the movie, as I have the worlds slowest dial up, but look at those big eyes!! Looks like you have a future chicken farmer on your hands!!

Mim said...

OOHH, I'm peepin' with you G. I'm feelin' for you frugalmom. I know he will be relentless in his requests.

Twinville said...

Found you through Danni's blog and was thrilled to watch your son's video. Is that cutest little boy you ever did see?
Makes me want to just kiss those cutie patootie cheeks!

And he's a bright and clever little boy, too. You must be the proudest mama on the planet!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I heard that you've been super sick... :-( I'm so sorry and am sending lots of healthy, healing, springtime energy your way!

I hope the rest of your family isn't down with it, too!