Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kleen Kanteen

After much research and even more saving I am finally the proud owner of 5 Kleen Kanteen water bottles. I have 4 18 oz ones designated for the big kids and the adults and a 12 oz one for the little guy.

I also purchased the sports caps. Kleen Kanteen offers various interchangeable lids, including a flat top, a loop top, and then the sports cap one. Which is pretty much like what you may see on a sports water bottle. The kind that you pull up on and then suck the water out. The nice thing about it is that is has a little lid that clicks on the mouthpiece so it doesn't get covered in unnecessary dirt and germs.

The bottles are great. The openings are wider than some of the other stainless bottles out there. That means that you can fit regular sized ice cubes in there and also clean it much easier. The water stays nice and cool and it tastes much better than having been in a plastic water bottle. It really helps the water to have that fresh, cool taste. Making you want to drink more. Which, is a good thing, I would think!

The 12 oz bottle had the option to come with a sippy cup adapter and we have that as well. It is nice when your little ones are smaller and need that over the sports cap style. My little one is right about 2 now and he sees me using the sports cap and, of course, he needs to use it, too. So, the sippy adapter has seen its day, I think!

One cool thing I found for the Kleen Kanteen is the Built NY insulated sleeve that I can put them in to keep your drink cooler. It also prevents the bottles from getting dinged up in case you drop them. That is a nice feature if you have kids. The sleeve is made out of the stuff that they make wet suits out of, so it pretty much absorbs the condensation from the bottle. As you can guess, the stainless has a tendency to condensate quite a bit. I purchased the 12 oz sleeve to go with all the bottles that we have. For the 12 oz bottle it fits in there leaving enough room on the top that my little guy can use it as a handle. For the 18 oz one it is taller so there is not as much space left on the cant use it as a handle as easily, but it is still more than worth having. Another great feature of the is machine washable! Just throw it in the washer and let it hang to dry and you are good to go.

Compared to a plastic water bottle, the price tags on these puppies are a bit higher. BUT, I have to say well worth the extra dough. The water tastes so much better and you arent contributing to the insane amount of plastic usage in this world. You dont have to worry about buying prefilled plastic water bottles all the time and then worry about making sure they get recycled.

Kleen Kanteen gets a huge thumbs up from me and my gang.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to buy a few of these next time I'm in the city. We've been using Nalgene but we've started tasting the container in our water. Every time something "safe" comes out we find out a few years later about its leaking hormone mimicking chemicals or something similar. Stainless steel has been around long enough that we'd have been told about it's drawbacks by now... or at least I hope so.

boogiemum said...

We have a different brand, but along the same idea of Kleen Kanteen. I love them! We don't have the sleeve, however ( I have a serious aversion to that type of material) and they are getting really dinged up. I never thought about it until you mentioned it, but maybe I should sew something to try and hold off on any more dings. Thanks for the idea!

Meg said...

ooh, thanks for the review! I'm glad to hear you guys like the metal bottles. We use Nalgenes, but have talked about getting some kind of metal water bottles when ours are due to be replaced. It's funny--we don't trash our old Nalgene bottles; we just take them out of daily use and keep them around for odd jobs. One of our old bottles has been re-purposed as a poor man's martini shaker, 'cause those measurement lines are awfully handy!

Gnightgirl said...

I'm digging Meg's idea.

My initial instinct on these is to wonder about summer errands Run into Target for 1/2 hour, and come out to a nice sip of boiling hot water. The insulator I saw just slips around half the bottle, yes? I have been looking for a non-plastic water bottle, but these kind of confuse me.

frugalmom said...

seasonseatingsfarm: Yeah, stainless has been around for quite awhile and seems to be holding its own.

boogiemum: You could make something! Thats a great idea. Let me see it when you are all done! I am sure it will help on the dings if it is a think enuf material.

Meg: Thats a great way to reuse it! It is so cool when you can find ways to repurpose things, isnt it?

Gnightgirl: The Built NY sleeves cover the entire bottle with the exception of the cap. I find that they really do keep things much cooler. The bottles do suggest tho that you not put hot drinks in them. I have yet to use them in the summer since we just got them, but the sleeves have really helped so far.

Mim said...

As always, you've got me thinking.

Christy said...

I love my Klean Kanteen, I've been using it for almost a year. I need to get the sleeve for it though. The bottle gets so cold it is hard to carry sometimes.