Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hit by a Mack truck

This past Thursday I came down with a huge case of the flu. HUGE, I say. The hugest I have seen since, well, I dont even know. Today as I sit here checking my mail and such for the first time in about 1 eyes still feel like they are gonna pop outta my head. The pain is unbearable. On the brighter side. I woke up this morning without a fever for the first time in a week. On an even brighter note, my husband is coming home a day early from his trip out to Cali.

Yes, you read right. He has been outta town. He was here for the first few days, but the day he set out to leave I was a real mess. Now, dont go getting your underwear all in a bunch over that. He would have stayed if he could. He had to be at a conference. Did I want him to stay home? Hell, yeah. Did I tell him that? Well, no. I knew he felt very torn already. I was super sick and he is getting ready to take off. I just pulled on my superwoman cape and got to work. Yeah, not so much. I was so sick I couldnt even lift my head off the pillow. I couldnt even open my eyes.

Sunday was the worst, I think. That was the day he had to leave. My head was just pounding, along with my sinuses. And my eyes? I dont even want to think about it. I called him everyday, crying. Sometimes more than once. I was a mess. I have to say, I felt very helpless. My Ma was able to help when she didnt have to be at work(that was a huge blessing) and I have other friends. But, most of my friends have kids of their own. I hate being an imposition. And who wants to help out at a friends house who is sick and then take that all back home to their family? See? The hardest part? Having a little one at home and not feeling up to taking care of him. The other hardest part? Not being able to just lay down when I knew that was exactly what I needed. The big kids really had to pitch in and work some overtime. And they did. They were a huge help. But you know, there are things that just mama's can do. Like tuck you in and give you kisses when you bonk your noggin.

I am so happy that S is on his way home. I may be able to get some sleep yet.


J.J. said...

Wow, Wow, Wow. It sounds like you've had it really bad. You know you could have called me. I could have at least taken your kids and we could have had a huge sleepover! I'm glad S is on his way home. Rotten timing. This has been the worst year ever for all of this sickness. Gi had the fever thing again two weeks ago. Missed ISAT's and everything. Had to make them up last week. I sure hope you are on the mend. And, seriously, please call if that ever happens again. Love ya.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh yay - you're back.
Gawd - that whole thing sounds horrible - worse than horrible...unbearable! I'm glad your husband is coming home...and good-job-high-five to your bigger kids for pitching in! Poor little Grayson - tell him I just posted a new chick flick for him. No wait. Don't tell him that. Tell him "Miss Danni has a new chicken movie for you". :-) :-) (take care of yourself!)

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you've been so sick!! And oh how I can relate to this post!! Hang in there supermom, it'll get better. xoxo

Crazy Young Black Women said...

I didnt know you had the flu! You said heachache. I feel bad because I am pretty sure I am the one who gave it to you. Sorry! I love you!

frugalmom said...

Thanks everyone for the get well wishes. I think I am on the upswing now....if I could just get some good rest. The coughing is keeping me awake.