Friday, July 13, 2007

One Local Summer

One Local Summer Week 3

Grass- fed beef sirloin steak---Flying S Farm---80 miles
Roasted green beans---Kleiss Farm---18 miles
Cucumbers---my backyard
Mashed red potatoes with chives---Triple S farms---60 miles---and my backyard
Milk---hormone free---Oberweis Dairy---180 miles

Salt, pepper, olive oil---not local

This has been our first experience with grass-fed beef and I have to say that it is wonderful. It is so flavorful and lean. You have to cook it differently since it is so lean. I will for sure be getting the beef again when we run out!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Yummy, looks great and I am sure it tasted great too!

frugalmom said...

Frazzled Farm Wife" It was very tasty!

Stacie said...

hi, i am a local summer-ite in the midwest too! where are you at? i am in NW IL. that grass fed beef looks mighty tasty!

farm mom said...

I'm with you, we'll never go back either. The flavor is exceptional! (Not to mention the health benefits for the animals and us!)

frugalmom said...

farm mom: Yes, the health benefits is what drew us to it in the first place! We actually got to have a farm day on the farm where we purchased the beef. It was fun and the kids loved it. We got to see the cows changing pasture and the way they watered them and everything. They were great out there!

frugalmom said...

Stacie: Hi. I just now got your comment. I am sorry for the delay in was just sitting there in like blog land or something. I am in Central IL. Near the U Of I.