Saturday, July 7, 2007

Sometimes life likes to throw you curveballs

Krispy Kreme Donut---$1

ER visit---$250

Facing a life long fear(even if it is involuntarily)---Priceless

So here's what happened. I was enjoying a family cookout all evening on Sunday. Had all the great food, family, and fun I could handle. Everyone was gone by about 7:30pm. Sat back, relaxed, and played a board game with the hubby and kids. Watched the 10 pm news, indulged in a totally unnecessary dessert of a donut and then proceeded into my nightly ritual and headed to bed.

Awaken at 1 am to excruciating stomach pain...try to deal with it in my normal tea, change of sleeping position, and so on...was able to doze off and on for about 2 hrs. Awaken again at 5 am, shake husband awake and say that something is just not right...and the whole time I have a deep seeded fear that one of my worst fears is happening.

Get to ER at 6:30 am. Get diagnosis by 8 am...appendicitis.

Wait till 4 pm to have my surgery all the while thinking that my appendix is going to rupture and that I am going to die. Did I say this was one of my worst fears? Yes, ever since I was a young child. Why? I am not really sure. I think maybe just knowing what could happen if it isn't caught in time. The spontaneity of it all. I am a planner. This is one of those things that I can't plan or be in control of. Don't like that.

Had the surgery, stayed in the hospital for a couple nights, having a pretty slow(or what seems like slow) recovery time. Feeling pretty crappy. Hard to cough, sneeze, laugh or just about anything that involves using the stomach muscles. (Note to self...don't let people visit after surgery that are going to make you, not a good idea.) Having to take way too many antibiotics to make sure that the wounds inside or out don't become infected. Did I mention that I am not a good medicine taker? Well, I am not. I have a very weak stomach. Most meds make me wanna hurl.

Slowly, but surely I am improving. Every day things come a little easier. I have yet to be able to pick up the little guy. But I know that, too, will happen. All in good time.

Alas, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.I can now say tho that I no longer have to fear this. I have faced it head on. Even if I wouldn't have chosen to. To top it all off, during my recovery period I received my orange and yellow swap box from my swap buddy. How cool is all this stuff? Who wouldn't feel better after getting all this happy orange and yellow stuff? I can't even decide what my fave thing is. I mean, come on, a handmade bag and a hand-painted dish? A way cool flower charm for a necklace? I love it all! Thanks to my awesome swap buddy.


shy_smiley said...

Whoa nelly! Talk about a doozy. Amazing how that happens so quickly. I've had a life long fear of being stung by a scorpion, and one night it happened (three times, in my bed) and now I know I can survive it. Now you've survived appendicitis and an appendectomy and that's one less thing you have to fear. Take your recovery easy. You'll be back to normal quicker if you don't push it. (BTW: today is my friend Colleen's birthday, luckiest day of the year, and she doesn't have an appendix OR a gall bladder. Amazing how you can live without entire parts of your body.)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Oh, I am so sorry that you had to go through all that....glad that you are back on the mend and feeling better.

I had them remove my appendix when they did my c-section, didn't want to take the chance of being cut open again. I know what you mean about laughing after being cut open.

boogiemum said...

wow, thats horrible. hope you are feeling better soon!

that is some cute stuff you got from your swap buddy!

frugalmom said...

Thanks guys for all your well wishes. I am trying to take it easy and get all the rest that I can. I am pretty sure that hubby will have to return to work on I need to be ready for that.

Anonymous said...

How frightening!! I'm so very glad you're healing well and getting back on track.

Momo said...

Whoa! What a surprise...

Glad you're OK...I wish you a speedy recovery!