Friday, July 20, 2007

One Local Summer

One Local Summer Week 4

Grilled Pork Chops---organic---Triple S Farms---50 miles
Roasted Yellow Beans---organic---Triple S Farms---50 miles
Grilled summer squash and zucchini---organic---my backyard
Cucumbers---organic---my backyard

Not local----salt and pepper and olive oil

Normally we don't eat much pork....even tho we really like it. We tend to save it for special occasions and this was well worth the wait. The yellow beans were a new one for us. We usually get the green ones, but these looked so yummy I went for them instead! They were really good, but the kids voted that they like the green ones better. I have seem purple ones out there, too. I will have to try those out in the near future, too!


Stacie said...

kids love purple, no?

Faith said...

I read in someone's OLS blog posting this week (I can't remember who, but I just read it yesterday) that the purple beans turn green when you cook them. :o(

frugalmom said...

Stacie: Yes, yes they do!

Faith: Hmmmm....that is weird. i will have to try that out and let you know.