Friday, November 2, 2007

30 days of thanks

Entry #2

I am thankful that the area in which I live experiences all 4 seasons. I have a liking to all of them, okay, not really.. I do not like winter. Can I say that I hate winter? Prolly not in a thankful post, huh?

At any rate, when it gets cold, like it is beginning to do now, it makes me so very happy and thankful to think of the warmer months. When it is warmer and so very hot and sweaty makes me thankful that I will see fall soon. Notice I did not say winter. Having to wait for the fall leaves and the first blooms of spring make me so thankful for all the seasons. It makes it well worth the wait when you see the first orange leaf falling from the tree and the first yellow daffodil peeking out of the snow.

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boogiemum ( said...

Ahh, I am so glad you mentioned the seasons. A lot of people don't know what great thing they have, like seasons, until they don't have it anymore. I miss having seasons...