Monday, November 12, 2007

A new survey

Anyone out there canning? Have canned?

I am trying to figure out the best ways to store my jars that do not have the original boxes. I am limited on space and would like to figure out a way to have them available, but not all just setting on a shelf out in the open.

Any ideas for me?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have been blessed with a pantry and lots of shelves and lots of canning supplies. I know, I know! How horrible that I've inhereited these things and don't use them. Anyway, Eric's grandma kept her washed out jars opening side down in reused boxes on the shelves. I know that doesn't really help you if you don't have shelves to put them on.....but it's all I've got for ya...sorry!

Mim said...

Well, of course, I keep the boxes. But for those that don't have boxes I do two different things. I store some in a cabinet like maybe 7(the amount that fit in my water bath pot) and the others I find a box for. And the bulk get stored in the basement with my super big pressure canner.

frugalmom said...

farm mom: You have been blessed! I am hoping to put a pantry type space in my new house to accommodate all the jars.

Mim: I am talking lots of jars here. I wish I had the original boxes that had the dividers in them, but since so many of the jars were given to me, I dont. Right now I have them in all diff sizes and shapes of boxes...making it hard to store them all. As well, as I had to find something to keep them separated in the box for fear that they would bang together and continually break.