Monday, November 12, 2007

The great plastic Challenge

Over here, she has challenged me. I should not say me. Us. All of us. But, I tend to take it personally, so I will be promptly kicking her hiney in this challenge!

This week, along with my reusable grocery bags, I will continue to use my reusable produce bags. These are the greatest things. They are just little cotton bags that you take right to the grocery with you. Instead of using those flimsy little plastic produce bags that you see flying all over the parking lot. The cashiers seem to tolerate them just fine. They do have to look inside the bag instead of just looking thru the plastic, but they seem to manage just fine. They are machine washable and have a great drawstring on the top to close them all cozy like so your veggies stay securely in place.

Try them out. Tell me all about how you love them to death.


Anonymous said...

Ok, you've got me here. I didn't join the challenge because I felt like I had made all the changes that were mentioned and all that I could. But this is a wonderful product/idea!! I HATE those flimsy little plastic produce bags and I am hard pressed to find ways to reuse them!! Thanks for sharing!!

frugalmom said...

Cool! Glad I could show them to you.

boogiemum ( said...

I usually use no bag at all,I simply put all the produce in one of those carrying baskets, but I like this idea! Actually, I have one of those bags already, I keep my lettuce in it.

Hmm, so far, I think as far as cool plastic alternative products go, you ARE kicking my butt :)

Gnightgirl said...

I just bought fabric grocery bags.

The chick bagged them.

frugalmom said...

boogiemum: YAYYYYY!!! The bags are great tho. Especially at the farmers market. I find there tho that I tend to run out of bags! Too much good stuff to get.

sasha said...


I'm so glad you joined the challenge!

I hope you'll join us over at and keep passing the word along!


frugalmom said...

sasha: Thanks for stopping by. I love this challenge. There are so many little things one can change that make such a big difference.