Thursday, November 15, 2007

30 days of thanks

Entry # 15

I am so very thankful for my heated mattress pad. I can turn it on while I get the kids ready for bed. I can have it slowly roasting my flannel sheets and fleece blankets. I can have it all nice and cozy at the foot of the bed so that when I get in my toes stay super warm. Even if I have to slide way down in to the bed to reach the foot of the bed. Yes, I am short. My name is Frugal mom and I am short and okay with it.

The best part? I no longer have to sweat my husband out of the bed before he even gets in. My mattress pad has dual controls. I can be toasty warm and he can be cold and comfortable. I can start my bed on high and then turn it down while I sleep. It is a little green. I mean, we turn the heat of the house way down during the night...but I have my cozy mattress pad going.....just a little.


lbotp said...

Oh my gosh ... this is the answer to my prayers ... we keep our heat on the same temp when we go to bed because it is consistently several degrees cooler in our room ... really annoying, but what can you do?

frugalmom said...

lbotp: It is fantastic. The dual heated ones are a little more, but well worth it. And they have a nice warranty. We have had to utilize it once.