Saturday, November 3, 2007

30 days of thanks

Entry #3

I am thankful for good neighbors. In the world today, neighbors are not like what our folks probably remember. We tend to keep more to ourselves and not check in very much with those close to us. We don't allow our kids as many freedoms as they did then and we for sure don't allow our neighbors to watch out for our kids on a consistent basis or think that they will in case we can't.

I happen to have the greatest neighbors ever. I love them to death and know that I can count on them when I am in a pinch or need a cup of sugar. They are some of my best friends in the world and I am so happy that God placed them next to me. So, in today's world where we are always rushing about and not taking the extra time to smell the neighbor and I both have rose bushes...a fool proof way to make sure that you are always checked in!

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Gnightgirl said...

I've been in my place 3 years. One neighbor will have a warm chat with me before moving on, and one will speak, but remains aloof and polite, even though I've hauled off her brush for her, and tried like heck to strike up conversation.

Borrow a cup of sugar? Never. I'd be hesitant to run nextdoor and ask for help if I cut my arm off.