Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Special shout out

I wanted to throw a special shout out to her and her.

I have always wanted to be adventurous and make a fresh pumpkin pie. I have always wanted to. Then the idea really sinks in and I get cold feet. I think of how much more work it must be. How it is going to take so much time...time that I don't have to spend on a pumpkin. How, if it tastes so dang good, then it must be way too labor intensive for me.

So quickly comes my surprise. After I get a couple step by step tutorials. Just how simple it is. I was so happy. I have just washed and gutted 2 pie pumpkins and they are officially roasting in the oven. I have rinsed off all the seeds(per request of my older son) and they are anxiously awaiting their turn in the oven.

I will then let the pumpkins cool and scoop out all the yummy squash and puree it all up and then store it for my pumpkin pies, but also for later this year when I will be able to have fresh pumpkin muffins or fresh pumpkin waffles.....the list could go on and on.


Christy said...

I have so much pumpkin puree in the freezer it is scary! But I make pumpkin muffins once a week all winter long, so I need a lot.

Growing in Grace (Nicole) said...

I bet your house smells really yummy!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm glad you decided to take the plunge. Careful though, it can be addictive. I currently have 62 cups of pumpkin puree in the freezer!!!! :)

frugalmom said...

Christy: Yeah...that is what I want to do, too.

Growing in Grace (Nicole): I thought so!

farm mom: I can see how it can be addictive. I only had 2 pumpkins and therefore only came away with about 8 cups of pumpkin....that is never going to last!