Thursday, November 8, 2007

30 days of thanks

Entry #8

I am trying to decide if I have anything else to write about besides my thankful post. I guess I have been so consumed with the house stuff that nothing really worth talking about has happened.

We drove thru our soon to be neighborhood this evening. Well, soon in like 5 mos. After we get our new house built. So, for the next 5 mos you guys will be bored to tears helping me pick out flooring, and cabinets, and doorknobs, and fireplace mantels. Doesn't that sound like fun? I know you are just chomping at the bit to help me with all this. Don't worry, no pressure. There will only be a small quiz after its all said and done.

Anyway. I am thankful for fall leaves. Here in this house and the one we will be in soon will have no trees. That means no leaves. I actually have thought about renting leaves. Do you think someone would let me rake up their leaves and take them to my house just for a little bit? And then bring them back. Fall leaves have such a nostalgic smell. One that stays with you forever and ever. One that, when you smell it and inhale really deeply, makes you cough and, no. Makes you think of all the times that you had to break your back as a kid and rake all the leaves just to watch them all blow back to where they were a few minutes before that. Just so you could rake them all up and then run and jump high into the sky and land in them...thinking it was gonna be really soft and cozy, but instead its not. Yeah, that kind of nostalgia.

When I was growing up, we lived right across the street from a huge public swimming pool. In front of the pool was a huge open field. Rolling hills and great big trees. I am sure it would not look nearly as big now that I am an adult. But I want to remember it so big...I would take my Ma's rake over there every fall and rake the leaves in the field. Now to a 7 year was the greatest thing ever. All the leaves I could ever want. All I had to do was rake them into piles and then they were all mine. The joy if it all. To my 14 year old brother...being sent out there with me to play....not nearly as much fun to him!

So, if you wanna rent me some leaves....I am open to that.


Mim said...

I can bring you a garbabe bag full if you really want them. But I'm not, I repeat, not taking them back home with me.

Anonymous said...

What???? Why didn't you each grab a bagfull last night?? Take all you want... Free!!! m

Christy said...

I love house stuff so I'll be glad to help you pick stuff out! I'm hoping in 6 months we'll be picking out a new house ourselves.