Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Donkey time

I had great fun when we got to go out and play with the donkeys. Before we got started tho, I of course needed Donkey Safety 101. Which was very helpful to me since this is the first time I have ever been around a donkey. Never allow myself to get in between 2 donks, if they get a little pushy with the treats then just gently push them them who is in charge, if for some reason they suddenly feel inclined to run after me....then I am to run. Okay, got it. Run.

It was all fine tho. I only managed to get my foot stepped on once. And clearly, that was my own fault. My foot was evidently right where Brownie wanted to place his. So, a few sore toes. Nothing tragic.

They really are so very sweet. Its just very relaxing and calm
ing to be out there with them. Lovin on em, scratching those great big ears. Whats not to like about that, right?

We had to get the jolly ball out. How can I NOT see the donks play with the jolly ball? It was so funny to watch them. Pistol was for sure in charge of the ball. Every once in a while he would offer it up to the other guys. Mostly tho in the form of nudging them with it or sorta swinging it in front of their faces. Almost like he had the great idea to share and then after a minute he decided, ummm, actually no...I dont think I would like to share right now.

But, as you can see it wasnt just the donks that were having a great time....Im pretty sure Danni was having fun, too.


Mim said...

Runnn, Maaaccceee, runnnn! LOL Sorry to hear about the sore toes. The first of many to come with llamas in your future. Ouch!

Stop talking about how sweet they are! Now I'm going to have to go dreamin' about donkeys! I just got chickens, you know how long that took me and why it took so long. No way am I going to be able to something that big in two years! It will take at least double that to convince him. I'm off to research donkey rescue, thank you very much!

Gnightgirl said...

You two have been on my mind all week; meeting blogbuddies was one of the greatest times...and that was without donkeys! I mowed the "country" yard tonight, and thought of you moving bays of hale above your head.

This is very exciting to me. Keep writing, I love it!

Diane said...

It sounds like Danni's giving you a workout.. and I can guess your loving every minute of it.. The donkeys are so cute... give em a scratch for me too... ma

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ok. Clearly, one point of clarification is needed to your review of Donkey Safety 101. I never said "if they suddenly feel inclined to run after you, then you are to run". What I said was, if they start to go after *each other*, you are to run. (but, yes, now that you mention it, if they come after you, you should - by all means - run, too. However, as you have seen, I think the first scenario is much more likely. So, in summary, in the event of any kind of squabble, run first, ask questions later :-) I've seen you do just this on a few occasions now. lol
You did just awesome with the boys - they took to you right away. You have excellent "donkey style". :-)

Anonymous said...

So, what's with the rolld up pant legs danni, m'friend? Is that some unmentioned part of donkey safety too? ;)

GreyWolf said...

I think she had them rolled up for a bare foot romp through the barnyard. I hear she likes that squishy feeling between her toes...LOL

Amy - "Twelve Acres" said...

Stopping by from Danni's blog...
I'm keeping up with your visit to Critter Farm and am enjoying is so much. What fun!