Saturday, September 20, 2008

Super, crazy fast sneakers

This cross country starts TOO early in the morning.


Mim said...

Those shoes look like they will help her be super fast. You might want to mention to her not to run with her foot turned in like that. It could promote falling. LOL

I'm not volunteering for the early morning practice drop off. When P starts basketball C will be dropping him off. I don't know if I could actually drive safely that early in the morning. LOL

Pat in east TN said...

Too bad we don't live closer ... I'm a morning person and usually up and about at 4:30. This 'bad habit' began when my boys were in school (we lived at the opposite end of the county from the school, so they had a l-o-n-g bus ride), and, of course, when I had animals that needed early morning tending. I actually like this peaceful time of day ... call me CRAZY!! LOL

Adventure girl wanna be said...

I love your lamas!
Megs was in cross country!
I miss all the sports, band, clubs and running around that happens with teens;)
Have fun! I am happy for her to be cleared to run!

frugalmom said...

Adventure girl wanna be: I wish I could say those were my llamas! Oh, how I wish. They are at a farm pretty close to my house. We visit often.

Pat in east TN: I can somehow see myself enjoying the early morning hours when I dont have a toddler who seems to be so dang energetic.

mim: Yeah, her feet tend to be able to go in weird positions like that. Despite that, she is doing a great job in cross country.