Friday, September 26, 2008


Since moving to this town almost a year ago, it was made clear very early on that sports are a very big deal. The community comes together and supports the schools very passionately for all things sports. Other things too, but its a well known fact that football is something sacred here. So, we were not let down when we got to see the Homecoming parade this afternoon.

We had to have a lookout person. Can you go to a parade without one? Someone has to holler out...Here they come!

Waiting very patiently for things to get going....and enjoying the sounds of the marching band as well. we go....keep on throwing that candy out here.

Im not sure what the draw is for these here golf carts. But around here they are ridden all around town.

Look at all this good see it? Here..let me show you.

Pretty cool float. Bet that took some time and some kids to pull that off. Oh and lots of pencils, glue, and tissue paper. Ahhhh...the good ol days. Do you guys remember making floats?

One of G's friends. Im thinking he has it made. The kids are just bringing him the candy....he doesnt even have to get up outta the wagon. No, he gets to sit nice and easy under the little umbrella.

Pretty horses. They just seem so big to me.

Okay son, get back here. Step away from the float with all the pretty girls on it. Mama's not ready for all that.

His shadow. It really is very intriguing. Grabbed his attention for quite some time. That is until he got tagged in the head by a bag of skittles.

Theres K...way over there...across the street from mama.....shes at that age where hanging out with her pals is serious business.....and dont think I didnt notice you looking at that boy. We will talk about this when we get home, young lady.

Loading up to head back home....time for lunch and naps....

3 bags of candy made it home...mama still needs to go thru it and take out some of the good stuff for herself....What? Dont shake your head at me. You know you do that too.

And as I sit here on my couch this evening, watching the debate on television, I am so close to the school that I can hear the marching band playing and the football fans cheering and the commentator talking as the breeze carries the sounds of community thru my open windows.


Mim said...

We don't have football here. But we have several parades. Usually with Llamas in them! J looks taller? G is stylin in his hat and boots. I giggled when I saw him. Reminds me of my G at that age. Yeah, I don't really like that hanging out over there from P but am getting use to it. And I try not to notice when he's checkin out the chicks.

The only community I hear is from the frogs and crickets!

J.J. said...

Great post. I do remember making floats. So much fun. Why weren't you AT the game? Did K go with her friends? My G is now talking to more girls than boys. Not liking that much. At least so far they've all been very nice kids. Love the boots on G. Too cute!

CeeCee said...

I didn't grow up with parades (town too big), but was surprised at our local parade when we moved here. How very cool, you get to watch a parade AND get candy.

Country Girl said...

Wow, they really made out! Looks like fun.

Gnightgirl said...

G's "get up" reminds me of Brian at his age...only it was a santa hat and cowboy boots I couldn't get him out of.

Fun post. I remember building homecoming floats. The class president asked me out. It was a disaster. But I was only 15, what did I know?

sugarcreekstuff said...

The best thing about parades is the candy. One parade we went to only threw out tootsie rolls and candy canes, it was awful, your loot looks awesome!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow, i have so much to say. First of all, that first picture with J. that close to your house? I'm noticing those really big silos across the road from him. Second, nice HAT, G!!! Third, I really LOVE marching bands...the drums just make me swoon. You think I'm kidding...
Fourth, golf carts! Ah ha ha ha...he's coming to get you, Marcee!! :-D
Fifth...I have never, ever built a float. Is that a common mid-west thing to do?
Sixth...why do those horses seem big to you, huh? Why, huh?
Seventh...J. & K. were SO not looking at girls and boys!! Were they???! :-(
Eighth...there wasn't *nearly* enough chocolate in the candy they threw at you, you noticed this, right?

frugalmom said...

Mim: No football? That seems odd.

j.j: I did not go tot the game, but K did. She had a great time.

ceecee: Yep. Not much better than a parade AND candy...well. besides getting to listen tot he marching band, which I LOVE.

country girl: Yeah, the kids had a blast. G was just in awe the whole time.

gnightgirl: I remember the cowboy boots and santa hat....too funny.

sugarcreekstuff: Yeah, sometimes the candy choices suck. We even got pencils this time! But there was a lot of tootsie rolls! I, of course, discovered this as I was sifting thru the candy to make sure it was all okay for the kids to eat...

Danni: That is right next to our house...and funny thing is a few days after this post they came and took down the larger of the two silos that you see in that picture.

I cant believe you have never built a float...did you guys have homecoming parades?

There was NOT enough chocolate in that loot we gathered. Im guessing because it makes a big melty mess if its not picked up . It was still quite warm that day.