Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The big 1 2

Turning 12. Hard for a mama...happy for a daughter.

12 you say, but there are only 8 candles on that cake.....In this house there is a running rule handed out by mama that you are not allowed to go past the age of eight. So, all cakes after 8..only get 8 candles! You can see in the picture how delighted K was upon the realization that once again she got to be 8!

This musta been something really good!

This, my friends, is some serious cake eating.


sugarcreekstuff said...

Happy Birthday!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ooooh, 12. Happy Birthday, K!!
I remember 12. You shouldn't tell her this, but I remember 12 being a hard year for me. I felt so grown up, yet people kept telling me what a little girl I still was.
K. has such poise. And it looks like she had a wonderful day. You put on a great party! Can I book you for my next birthday? I'll be turning 25. :-)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh dear, how could I fail to comment on that adorable chocolate face at the bottom of your post. He had a great time at his sister's party, didn't he? How nice of her to invite him! :-)

frugalmom said...

sugarcreekstuff: Thanks! I will pass that along to the birthday girl.

Danni: Consider it booked! Ill makes sure to have plenty of PBJ's and BBQ chips. But you dont fall under the 8 candle rule.....

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful young lady! HAPPY BIRTHDAY K!! Looks like your little man dives right in like, 'eh? Yeah, I've got one of those too....well, actually three of those, if we're including husbands! ;)

Twinville said...

Happy Birthday, K!
I love your rule. If I have a birthday at your house will you make me follow it, too?

After I turned 40, it seems I can't keep track of how old I get each year. I don't know if this something that just happens or if my brain is protecting me from knowing how old I am?

K, is one lovely young lady. My twin boys will be 12 in February. It's like that last year before teenager-hood.

I think I will start my own rule here that no children are permitted to pass 12. That way I'll forever be protected from teenage angst. Sounds good in theory, right? ;)