Friday, July 18, 2008

Vacation 1.1

The rain did stop for maybe half a day. Just long enuf for us to go out exploring a ways from the inn. Lest we look up and find it pouring down on us we tried to stay close to home when we were walking.

This particular exploration involved a geo-caching event. What, you ask, is that? Sorta like treasure hunting. You need a handheld GPS thingamajig and access to a computer to alert you to potential caches in your area. Oh, and what I did not know was that you also need bug spray. Lots of it. And a walking stick. This helps aid in defense type moves in case an unwanted critter should happen to want to join your group. You never know. I like to be prepared. So, imagine my surprise when we are walking ti da...and then we stop.

This is it, he says. What's it? This, where we are. It is somewhere within like 5 ft of where we are. To the right of the trash receptacle. Well, that cant be right, I say. To the right of the trash can cant be it. Why, he says? BECAUSE, to the right of the trash can is the jungle. THE JUNGLE. Who would put a cache in the jungle? Most people, he says. Well, I am not most people. I am not going in there. How bout I stay out here and you go in there? Ill stand guard and make sure nobody else sees us. Good plan.

A little later I hear, I found it.

Okay, I say. Here, Ill toss you the camera and you can take some pictures. No, no. Just walk back here, past the can, pass the trees that look like they could have really big snakes and bugs residing in them, and keep walking some more. Ill tell you where to turn. Im not liking this. Im not liking this. Ewww..I just stepped on somthing. What was it? I dunno. Something that I did not like. It crunched.

I make it back there. He's lucky that we got any pics. I stayed for all of one minute and jet setted my way out. The bugs were eating me alive. This is me taking a pic of him logging us in the notebook as I am walking backwards out to the path.

This is nothing tho compared to the first cache we hunted for. It landed us on this little boardwalk/bridge type thing.

The clue that went along with this particular hunt had something to do with The Simpsons show, which I have never seen. S, of course, keeps random useless info in his head like that. He knew that it had something to do with the bridge specifically. Before he shared this revelation tho, I was already sent off the bridge to investigate.

See me? I am not really into the whole going into the wild idea. I figure, what the hell. Go in, look around, come back out. I holler, why arent you in here with me? He says, I have to watch the stuff. We dont want someone to take the camera and GPS. Oh, right. Watching the stuff, you say.

Yes, that is my backside. I am sure he was having a great time watching me look for the damn cache.

For all I know these are the heads of all the other people who have tried to find this dang treasure. Heads, coconuts, same difference.

It was then that he decided to share the revelation that the cache must be under the bridge. Just to be clear, I say. I am NOT going under that bridge.....Im just saying.


Farmgirl_dk: said... sweet that he was admiring your backside as you were cache-hunting! Loved the pics of the fallen heads, er, coconuts...
I remember that bridge in Sanibel...weren't there crocodiles or alligators or something there, too?

Overall, very nice pictures, but you know what I'm waiting for.

Beneath the Mask said...

The geo-caching is starting to look very fun. Maybe I need to incorporate that into my summer travels? I'm particularly fond of the shot of you in the big hat -- which goes remarkably well with the jungle theme!

Twinville said...

Oh lordie! You had me laughing so hard! I could just hear and see you the entire time. Too funny!

I know what you mean, though. We don't Geo Cache, but we do letterbox, which is similar, but with no GPS or box trinkets, only clues and hand-carved stamps.

We found our 100th box in Utah last summer and have placed 10 boxes thus far. We have a blast as a family letterboxing, but there have been times, I was the one on the bridge sending the rest of my family under it to find the box! hahaha

frugalmom said...

Danni: Yes, so nice of him to enjoy that. As I endanger myself in the wilderness. I mean, at least he has his priorities straight!

beneath the mask: Hey. That is my new sun hat. I know, you are just want one too.

twinville: Yeah, I have to say..some of those caches you would have to be pretty dedicated!