Monday, July 7, 2008

To do lists

These things seem to be popping up all over the place! Everywhere I turn around I see a new one that I have recently written or better yet think of something that I need to add.

My S and I are going on a trip! A TRIP. Can you believe it? Just the two of us. The kids will be with grandmas. Note the plural. They will be tag teaming. Whatever it takes, right!

I have foods to make. Snacks to bake. And laundry to fold.

I still have a few days yet to make all this happen. Departure is scheduled for the weekend. Currently we are having about 90 degree weather here at home. What better way to spend our vacation then to go to a place that is also offering the high 90's and a chance of rain every day. The apple doesnt fall too far from the tree, huh?

At any rate, I have to say I am a little..hmmm...nervous? No, not the right word. Unsettled? Nah. Anxious. Thats a better fit. This will be our first time away from the little guy, both of us at the same time. The big kids will be fine. They will get spoiled and be helpers. I have no worries there. The little guy? He's a mama's boy. He's not a huge advocate for change. Actually, he's quite a creature of habit. Likes things the same. All the time. Likes to know what to expect. I worry that this will be stressful for him. And me.

So, while I look forward to the break. Yes, I do. I also, have a little, tiny bit of reservation. And even tho I am pretty sure it is a totally normal doesnt make it any easier to deal.

Help me out...tell me you had a story just like this. That Im not the only one.


Twinville said...

Oh yes, me, too. And it all works out in the end. All the worrying often for naught.

One of my twins is also like your special little boy. He likes everything the same and needs to know what to expect.
When he was a toddler and we left him with the grands for the first time, I worried like crazy!
I missed him and thought of him the entire time I was gone.

Unfortunately for me, the moment we pulled out of the grand's driveway, he promptly forgot about Daddy and I and had the time of his life!
And when we returned, barely a quick hug and smooch. And then he cried because he didn't want to leave his grandparents. haha!

So, my advice to you: Go, have a great time, even in the heat and rain. hehe :)
And don't do like I did and play the 'worried-mama' record over and over. Turn off the record player and relax, have a great time!

Bon Voyage!!

J.J. said...

I absolutely live by the "to do lists" that are all over my house! I am so jealous that you are taking a vacation. A well deserved one at that. I still have those separation anxieties with my kids almost 13(ugh!!) and 9. Even if I have to rush to visit my ailing parents, I hate to leave the kids overnight. I understand your feelings and you are all too normal! Once you get to your destination and look at the beautiful view you will enjoy your time with your husband and recharge your batteries. Have a great time!!

farm mom said...

Ethan just spent his first night away from mommy last Saturday night. My parents took them to the fireworks and then they spent the night w/grandma and grandpa. Big thing for him, HUGE! He sound much like G, very attached to me and doesn't want anything to change. I was more anxious than he was though. Good luck! And try to relax and have a good time!! :)

Christy said...

My husband and I went to Hawaii when Logan was 3. He had never slept anywhere but in the bed with Mark and I. He was very attached to me, but had a fine time with his grandmother. I made sure she knew all the ways to make him more comfortable and she agreed to sleep with him. She stayed at our house with him so at least he had the familiarity of being home.

frugalmom said...

Thanks everybody for the kind words. I am going to go and have a great time. Come back totally energized, ready to tackle anything!