Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Let's see

Moving right along.

Get K's invites out---check. Only after I had to take them all out of the SEALED envelopes and readdress them due to an error on the invitation.

Go to library---check. Got Grandma's book she requested. How she will find time to read it I have no idea. BUT, I did manage to get it. Maybe she will get up really super early to have some time by herself. I have yet to ever do that myself, but maybe she likes that idea.

Get big kids studies prepared---check. I am so up on history in the 1800's right now I could have an actual conversation about it. And I have prepared worksheets to prove it!

Have laundry all done---check. My sorter is totally empty. A very rare site indeed. Of course, by the time we leave Sat, I am sure there will be a few things in there.

All the cooking---taking place today and tomorrow. With the exception of the yogurt. I will do that Friday. That needs a little more attn than I can give it right now.

Tie up tomatoes---???? If it would ever stop raining, I may be able to get out there and get that done. The ground is so wet right now walking thru the garden is not a good idea.

So, things are getting done, mama is preparing mentally as things are getting done, and I am ready to go and have a great time.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow - you are really on top of everything. Are J and K helping out much? I know that G is helping out just by talking to you a lot. LOL. Hey, I just noticed something. You definitely need to have at least two more children. After G. comes H. and I. before you get to J. and K. Maybe that's something you could do on this little vacation you've got planned.
:-) tee hee (do you think i'm completely evil or just sometimes?)

frugalmom said...

Danni: They are helping out by playing with G. Which is a huge help in itself. My father in law has mentioned that same thing about the names. And I will tell you the same thing that I tell him, grandpa of my kids. You are outta your gosh dang mind.

As far as the evil thing...I dont know, I keep going back and forth on that one! HA HA!

Beneath the Mask said...

Hey! What do you mean there won't be time to read? Are these kids hard to watch? You told me this was going to be easy? Seriously - the tag team grammas appreciate all your efforts to make this easy for us. What we really want is for you to kick back, relax, soak up the sun and have a great time. Besides, we can all count on K. to keep us in line!

frugalmom said...

beneath the mask: Ha! What a name. Easy? Heck, its not easy for me sometimes and Im with the little guy everyday! But you are right in the fact that K will keep you all in line. She will for sure keep you on the straight and narrow. AND, if you should decide to veer from that path she will not hesitate to call you out. Think long and hard!

Beneath the Mask said...

Believe me -- I don't want to risk being called out by K. She's had me on my toes ever since she realized she could make me crazy by simply not telling me where mommy keeps the juice. If I remember right, she was two. Word has it the little guy can be bought off with that Big Bird Alphabet video. The 1800s you say? I'll have to get my history book out and start reading. I REALLY don't like being the gramma who doesn't know.

Twinville said...

Gosh girl! You are going to NEED that vacation after all the work you've been doing just to get ready to leave! haha

Don't worry or stress. The Tag Team Grammas will do just fine.
Go have a great relaxing time :)