Wednesday, July 2, 2008





Anonymous said...

Wow girl!!! Looking good! Teacher is wayyy jealous of the student!! ;)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ok. You win the tomato prize. My cukes are about the same size, but your tomatoes are far superior to anything going on in my garden. :-)

Mim said...

How did that happen? Your tomatoes started earlier than mine, then mine were bigger then yours, now yours are bigger than mine and have mator's on them. It's just not fair.

frugalmom said...

farm mom: OOOOOHHHH!!! Teacher jealous of student. If I hadnt had such a good teacher then they wouldnt look nearly as good. Thanks, Angie!

Danni: What? Can you say that again? I what? I win, I win, I win!!! Na nie na nie na nie!

mim: You have deer. I dont. Besides that...mine are better. Ha!

Mim said...