Thursday, July 10, 2008

Storing Broccoli

We have been getting so much broccoli in our share that they gave us a little tip in our weekly newsletter on how to store it. With our vacation coming right up and having a grandma coming who cant eat broccoli, I figured what better time to get it done. I mean, I have tons of time to add xtra things on my to do list now, right?!

It was so simple. Granted, Im not sure how it will hold its texture and firmness after being frozen, but thats okay. Its worth a try. I can always make soup!

Heres how much I started with. Virtually, a sink full. That is 2 shares worth of broccoli.

You then cut it into 1 inch pieces. Add the pieces to some boiling water and cook for appx 2-4 min.

Remove from boiling water and plunge into ice water for 5 minutes.

Drain and let cool till all broccoli is cool to the touch.

Put in freezer bags and store!


Anonymous said...

This actually works pretty good. But you're right, it does get a bit mushy. You'll find ways to use it though.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Is this called "blanching"?
And, way to add new things to your to-do list just before you leave!
Hey, what do the kids think about you and S. leaving?

frugalmom said...

farm mom: So, you have done this then? Is it still good to eat as a side or is it best added to things?

Danni: I believe it is blanching. Let's ask Farm mom just to make sure.
Yeah, Im pretty good at making the lists longer. I take one thing off and add 2 more. The kids are a little saddened, but only at the fact that they dont get to go. Actually, just K. She feels she should get to go as she is the oldest. I said..Ummmm..No.

Jason said...

That would be considered blanching. The main purpose would be to help set the color and kill off some of the things that would cause faster spoilage.

I don't know how fast your family uses it, but my 5yo daughter loves broccoli and we can easily go through a big head with one meal (as a side dish). Also, farmer's market broccoli tends to last surprisingly long in my fridge (e.g. 2 weeks or more). Way better than the grocery store stuff.

Meg said...

Yum! I sure am jealous of all the awesome stuff you guys are getting from your csa! In my opinion, frozen broccoli is best to use *in * stuff, like soup or lasagna. It's a little too mushy for me to eat as a side or something, but I like my broccoli extra crunchy. Still tastes great either way--I guess it's a texture thing!

frugalmom said...

jason: I have noticed that it lasts longer than store broccoli, too. However, the husband and kids prefer it raw...I am the one who likes it its hard to go thru it fast enuf.

meg: Thanks for the info. I was thinking of those same two things you mentioned! Broccoli cheese soup. Yum.

Christy said...

Brocolli freezes well, but I don't bother with the blanching first. I just cut it up and freeze it. That keeps it crisper.

Twinville said...

Yep, it's called blanching. Sugar Creek Stuff has been busy doing a bunch of blanching of her veggies that she stores for later. She swears by it. I do love cream of broccoli soup. Yummy! I also love broccoli in stir fry, baked in a casserole, and raw.
Bring it on! haha

Hope you have a great trip!

frugalmom said...

christy: Thanks for the idea. I may try that way next!

twinville: I hope to have a good time. I will miss all of you while I am gone!